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爱上一个人的表现|蔓妮韵官方网站Tardif also don't go far, see Xing Daorong no longer chase after, then ran back with two hundred soldiers, also don't call, just insult guan yu outside the camp, how ugly how to come, the help of the army and the han are mostly vulgar, scold people to a game a poison, curved greetings guan yu ancestral eighteen generations of female members."Ha ha, guan yu man, unexpectedly escaped!" Tardif rode on horseback, see guan yu don't fight and flee, while taunting, while is chasing, rare guan yu tiger now fall pingyang, how can let go of this opportunity.Three days later, I que off pound, wu guan blanc and was transferred back to hanzhong wei yan at the same time have received the flying pigeon biography from luoyang, life pound soldiers out of nanyang, blanc from wu guan, with wei yan, the new town, on the county won, if pound has not taken nanyang, then two road military forces and pound jointly captured nanyang.

"Young master, do you want to inform Mr. Sze-won?" Jiang wei came to lu zheng at the moment, asked in a low voice."Young children are often captured!" Zhuge Liang sighed and said with a wry smile: "I wanted to let young Chang go to Chengdu, said the family rebellion, occupy Chengdu, cut off the Guanzhong army hay, the war naturally won without a fight, but unfortunately... I hurt young Chang!"Zhuge liang stood up, has been, is a row of immortal demeanor, people suddenly found at the moment, zhuge liang's back seems to stoop some, the whole person, as if an instant old ten years.爱上一个人的表现|With wei commanded, three thousand crossbow arrows out of the air, the mountain, yan yan haven't had time to answer the subordinates, feel scalp a tingling, instinct to hide behind a tree.

爱上一个人的表现|Different surnames seal king, that is a blatant violation of the original liu bang set down the system, once really sealed, the han room only that point of dignity will vanish, and look at the posture, lyu3 bu4 this almost equal to announce the world's behavior, no one can stop."Tomorrow you take a brigade of elite soldiers secretly fell in port, if guan yu sent troops to retake the port, then rate army and general zhou tai attack guan yu, seize the opportunity to seize the city!" Tracing the cause commanded.

And shu war, with the beginning of the battle between dragon and phoenix, also gradually attracted the attention of the world, luoyang lyu3 bu4, xuchang cao cao, and is fighting in jingzhou liu bei sun quan, also coincidentally began to pay attention to this war, which is wonderful, even lyu3 bu4, cao cao these played a lifetime of war, also couldn't help but applaugment."What's the matter? What's that punk Samoc doing?" Zhang fei and surprised and angry, at the moment sand mo ke five creek pretty soldiers retreated, he not only have to face the pressure of zhang ren and deng xian, wei may press up at any time."Not yet, but jingzhou rear is not peaceful, jiangdong sun quan I'm afraid has been hit, shu, although important, but for liu bei, jingzhou is now the foundation, I just need to consume with kongming here, the news arrived, then don't cost a soldier a pawn to win the county." Pang tong smiled.爱上一个人的表现|




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