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林丹什么军衔银行资料架"Yes!" Lieutenant promised, hurriedly let the flag bearer will command."General, when will the water army leave?" Tracing the cause of the side, milan see landing the cause of the delay did not send water army, not some anxious asked."Why?" See each other unexpectedly can suppress in their momentum, also can keep fighting spirit, zhang fei can't help but be surprised, zhang eight snake spear in hand but not hesitate, like a poisonous dragon, spinning like a drill to wei yan.

Countless jingzhou soldiers looked at the dejected jiangdong army, brazenly laughed."You're going to kill me!" Wu jin incredible look to lu zheng.Zhang fei personally tried, his zhang eight snake spear is very long, at the moment a spear poked in the past, explosive force is amazing, a foot soldier simply can't resist was a spear pierced his breastplate.林丹什么军衔Looked at lu zheng left, into just hurried to big tent to see wu jin.

林丹什么军衔"You don't have to know who I am, tomorrow will have to know, tonight someone will raid the camp, so into general let me to his troops, the talisman here, you generals just need to wait for my dispatch." Lu Zheng looked at a general, sink a track."What's on your mind?" Lv Zheng smiled at Xie Cheng, who had fallen to the ground. He shook his head and said, "I am the son of Lv Bu. Don't take me for a defenceless man! It will be bad luck."Zhuge liang smell speech can not help but some disappointment, but will keep this in mind, sand mo ke is the son of five creek pretty king, may be able to get some information.

Many people fell directly under the arrow rain of jiangdong army, but the death of robes did not make them afraid, the army, is holding the will to die in charge."I said..." A long time, wu jin with a wry smile to defeat the array."I tell you this, Not to show off how good I am, I mean, I can beat you today, For though I am young, But seeing, experiencing more than twice as much as you do, Take today, for example, any general who has some common sense will not be like you, stability, this thing, it is impossible to stability, this is common sense, you don't know, but strategically speaking, you do well, the Chengdu family, is a good help, although I have seen through in advance, but at least you can win Chengdu.林丹什么军衔




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