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百原多香子|石猴价格< / p > < p > all of a sudden the river because of the death of zhou yu the authenticity of the news into chaos."General zhang, how are you?" Pang tong smiled and looked at zhang ren."At the end of zhang ren, I would like to thank the Lord for his unsinfulness." Zhang ren at this time only a bitter smile from the xiongkuo hands of the results will be printed.

Chapter 87 control of the heart of the armyChapter 84 the tide is set百原多香子|"Well, it's been hard on you to be in the army all this time, and I'll be with your ladyship when the battle is over." Liu DHS

百原多香子|Chapter 87 control of the heart of the army"General, now back to jiangxia, I'm afraid... "A general came to Chen's side, hesitating.

At ZhuoYang swaney deeply, there is no opposition, he was seen, the pang tong accidental, but do enough preparation for the military people, I'm afraid more than one person has ZhuoYang was bought, he didn't want to stop, also unable to stop, drew his didn't like, this is the idea of people in the heart at the moment, now that you've decided against milan, to milan's insatiable now, under pressure, even if now let the people, but also not second guessed, the hearts of the people are no longer willing to fight for milan, more those who persecuted by the milan family members, but also saw it as foes, plus pang tong among this people, I do not know how many people arranged, under the joint efforts of these people, no matter what pang tong now do decision, I am afraid will become a general trend, if deng xian at the moment to stop, I am afraid may not be able to do."General meng da, it is general liu who must go to see the Lord." A spy house bodyguard some grievance to look at meng da.Should be said worthy of being the son of lv bu?百原多香子|




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