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查开房记录 2000w|刮痕去除剂"I want to go, too." Pang tong looked at zhaoyun: "but also have to go, don't tell me you are willing to go with the lu crazy woman."Xu togeher sighed: "Unfortunately, lombardi listened to the words of the crafty men, refused to use my counsel, but also repeatedly humiliated me in front of all!""This is the way to Hsu-chang. Quick, cut him off!" Xu togeher eyes a bright, hurriedly let a person secretly intercept.

Chapter IX Slave SiegeWhat happened this time? Cao cao puzzled at all: "lyu3 bu4 into bing?""Master rest assured, sentence suddenly remember!" Sentence suddenly bowed down.查开房记录 2000w|Wei yan riding horses, with troops walking in the dilapidated imperial city, occasionally can see a pair of fearful eyes from behind the more intact houses, when lyu3 bu4 let wei yan guarding letter valley, migrated many people into the guanzhong, undoubtedly also weakened a lot of popularity.

查开房记录 2000w|Chapter 42 snowListening to Han Sui's words, Daxi's heart was wide open, and he laughed aloud, "No, this time he's sitting behind my back!""Don't want to go out of town?" D looked at Yuan Jun on the wall, sneer at a way: "Then force him out of the city, you and iron brother with two thousand people each, around the city put arrows! I led ZhongJun."

People have a blind following mentality, Especially when the master is killed, Without a leader, instinctively make choices that are good for you, with the exception of a few die-hards, Most of the soldiers chose to surrender, On the prairie, Bow down to the strong is not a shameful thing, let alone the highest leader Ke sin and to jin stop tu is dead, resistance also has no meaning, plus lyu3 bu4 now represents xianbei court, this is a righteousness, even if xianbei people don't have the concept of righteousness, but to avoid harm, the trend is common everywhere."Eldest brother, I think we should let temuzhen led the troops, he came to the king's court for a period of time, it is time to hit. Step root to Kui Tou, sink a track."Count the losses!" Lyu3 bu4 twist a head, sentence tu way.查开房记录 2000w|




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