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牙齿黄金"Temujin, why was he there? Didn't he leave the court?" Some hoarse voice sounded from Kirby can mouth, cold eyes looked at the general in front of him, and did not blame Kirby, to jin stop the two dead people's responsibility, because the crux of the matter, is why lyu3 bu4 suddenly appeared in the coalition camp.Qui-head smell speech, a little relieved, frown way: "But if I took all the people, Wang Ting defense how to do?""Why not?" Ignoring the outsiders, the woman proudly raised her chest: "In your frost country, there have been two powerful queens, the Sabbath country has also had, I also heard that the far west, what you call the Great Qin country, there have been queens, why can't I?"

"It's the Huns. The Huns are coming!" Someone recognized the huns dress, the whole tribe in the face of the huns sudden impact, panic ran around, a moment into a mess.A county soldier can not bear the repressed breath, a lost hand weapons, want to escape."Our troops are sufficient, the general can be divided into six teams, each team of five thousand people, a team guarding the city, a team on standby, others just need to rest assured, every four hours to change, don't care about the other." Falling in grant wanted to think, now their biggest advantage is more soldiers, thirty thousand troops to defend mayi the city, too much.

"Save the Black Wolf tribe first." Stephen quickly made a choice, save must be saved, the Black Wolf tribe closer to here."I am your grandfather!" Male broad sea looked at He Yi's corpse, said nothing, swung up the stick and smashed toward zhang he."Master, really don't care?" Sentence tu and upright when some don't want to look at the tribe hurriedly arranged defense of the huns, after all, is a force they gathered in the past half a month, just throw it away, too bad.

"Almost." Giffin throttled the time, thinking: "xianbei king court civil disorder, five xianbei through the first world war, with master's courage, five xianbei defeat is not far away, we are also time to send troops."Sure enough, as d withdrew troops ten miles down the village, but three days, falling in grant got the news that he felt desperate, lyu3 bu4 pro ma bu army seventy thousand south, at the same time, guandu defeat also spread to bing.At that same time, Lyu3 bu4 army arrived, "that vast consortium, Plus lyu3 bu4 QinZheng brought the sense of oppression, let mayi city soldiers frightened, don't say ordinary soldiers, is as a general zhang he, at the moment also some depressed, d has been so strong, the lyu3 bu4 name moving northwest, mighty grassland, more not easy to with the generation, on the other hand, mayi city, reinforcements don't know when to, the thirty thousand troops, I don't know how long to keep.




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