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好大好深好满|郦志隆In the flow of the crowd, the one in the history, is absolutely the most humble, his short stature, less than five feet tall and thin figure, facial features is also plain, at first glance, it is hard to think of such a character is a swordsman, because from him, can't find the shadow of the sword, and his sword will only appear when needed most.Cao cao ignored liu xie, coolly looked at the tiger guard command: "not yet executed!"< / p > < p > one night without words, the next morning, zhang lu called hanzhong wenwu conference in the hall, the horses have been assembled, only to wait for zhang lu to give an order, can send yangpingguan, but before zhang lu ordered, a south zheng garrison quickly rushed in.

Suddenly tense atmosphere in the hall, huang zhong and zhang fei standing good somberly, two big hands held together, bold powerful guan yu act as a referee, liu bei some helpless invited zhuge liang to sit down together with yourself, and this kind of thing is somewhat gimmicky, but military commanders, sometimes this spell spell strength can promote feelings instead, that huang can protect the microbloggers escaped under the killing of CAI, also have a few minutes, just how much, liu bei no promises."Roar ~" Chen GUI suddenly two turn white, suddenly open mouth spit a mouthful of blood, body shake, soft down.This has to say the competition between chang 'an five.好大好深好满|"If he had not been the daughter of lv hussars, he would not have made it this far?" Gu shao sneered.

好大好深好满|"Good proposal, look for a few colleague to see again, hear return wild goose ge to come quite a few new people recently." Zhong you put down your scroll and laughed."Kill!" Yang ang and Yang bo look ugly, but at the moment the two army has been close, in addition to charge, they have no choice."CAI KuaiPang yellow four former jingzhou is given priority to, with yellow house Huang Zufu son died jiangxia, has fallen, PangShiYuan in guanzhong, make pang's home to spit on them, and have not to its former glory, the two can be appropriately to woo, CAI home by means of this, the reputation will fall, but its background, in CAI will die, but not died in the hands of a master as to kuai home... "Zhuge liang smiled and shook the feather fan and said," liang has arranged, the Lord can sit and watch the result.

As Zhao De was changed, the other side of the camp, a dozen torches suddenly lit up, then came the inconceivable scene, someone put a torch in the bronze mirror, and dozens of surface of bronze mirror reflected light at the same time, will be within the scope of dozens of steps in front of the fence as bright, that three thousand horses ready to night is like at the moment is to strip the clothes of the girl, lonely in the walls mirror under the irradiation of light, nothing to hide.Pang tong felt stunned and nodded his head: "since the general has such an ambition, how about going out with the general at the cost of his life?"Since all the time, everybody knows lv bu hand, have a very fierce army, protecting lv bu and lv bu family's safety all the time, just did not think of, these people distance oneself can be so close, for a time, cannot help but give a cold sweat.好大好深好满|




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