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宫锁连城步青云成都胸牌Nodded, lyu3 bu4 stride into the back of the king's tent, spacious tent, a transpiration of water vapor diffuse, leapt into the eye, but it is amazing scene, a huge bath bucket, a bloodshot carcass in the diffuse of water vapor, looming."Sit down, Mr. Han." Daesh said with a new and resolute expression, for this famous man from the Han Dynasty, He was quite fond of it, And with the help of Han Sui, Daesh was able to feel clearly that he had more than one level of control over his tribe than he had in the past, Now, the western xianbei hundreds of tribes, with the help of Korea hence, the former big tribes were even destroyed with dozen differentiation, its military forces were unconsciously under the new master of Daxi, although the total did not improve, or even cut, but the strength, twisted into a string of western xianbei than in the past is stronger than more than a grade.The bleak trumpet sounded in the fall of the Ur cadre, a team of soldiers responsible for warning ran to YuanMen mouth, want to YuanMen closed, but suddenly opposite the cavalry has rushed in, cold machetes a knife cut, haven't had time to rushed to YuanMen soldiers were immediately annihilated in the torrent of darkness.

"Five thousand, isn't it?" Kui-tou looked at lyu3 bu4, frown, he has been ready to let lyu3 bu4 lion big mouth, even thought if lyu3 bu4 mouth is to take away all the military forces of the king's court, how to stop themselves, but lyu3 bu4 only five thousand people.Ten thousand horses galloping ahead, Less than five miles away, But when the horses were speeding up, It was almost time for a cup of tea, Lyu3 bu4 has rushed into YuanMen, As soon as the bow shook, A fire basin was thrown high, Falling on a certain tent, instantly ignited the fire, and then five thousand riders are entrained with the charge, directly into the tent, a just awakened soldiers have not had time to resist, the machete has been wiped their necks, more, is directly trampled to death by countless iron hoofs in their sleep.Zhou Cang took the wine war, strode to Zhang Gu front, the wine war a hand, suddenly said: "Zhang adult, please!"宫锁连城步青云"Plan?" Lyu3 bu4 face just reveal a confused look, bitter shook his head.

宫锁连城步青云Will hand on the ink stone, giffin leisurely stretch a lazy waist, as long as harmony cool situation is stable, not up, now more concerned about, or master in xianbei, without the red hare and party day painting ji, only with a longbow, whether there is the ability to look at the world?"Kirby can! It's you!" See the bearer's moment, step root only feel a chill swept over, spread to the whole body, why can Kirby be here? Isn't it Taoba Ji powder?"No harm!" Falling in to grant secretly sigh, just now, not blame zhang he, shook his head and said: "d valiant, not with the enemy, lyu3 bu4 ride unparalleled, but unfavorable siege, our army now has the advantage of strong city, more hay, just stick to it, until its spirit is exhausted, is the time our army to break the enemy."

"It 's our turn to play!" Lyu3 bu4 habitually patted the head of the horse, then zheng, the horse is not red rabbit, can't communicate with him, lyu3 bu4 patted its head, but no reaction.At sink a track: "Yuan Shaoxin arrogant, although this battle is defeated, but will not rest, I'm afraid soon will swing to attack, our army at present, when the Guandu, as long as keep this pass, xuchang can Ann, wait for Yuan Shao flaw, break again not too late."宫锁连城步青云





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