男子草丛发现异物 捅破后被吓走|

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男子草丛发现异物 捅破后被吓走|f3本草唇净霜Lyu3 bu4 raised his fist: "Ten years, at least ten years, and labor expedition, military forces, hay, not many, a hundred thousand people's army, will be enough to empty your frost country, then, I will welcome you, that way, will give me a reason to send troops to your frost country, also let me see, a country that can let women become queen, their general, how incompetent will be.""One, two, three, three."Lyu3 bu4 looked up and said to Kui-tou, "If the king gives me forty thousand horses, I will help the king to win his first victory. The king can stay in the king's court and gather the warriors of other tribes to prepare for a decisive battle."

Even if Tuobaji and Kirby get along, But now Kirby can die, before the friendship naturally dissipated, killed at the moment, no softer than Murong GUI, fierce war lasted for an hour, Kirby can military forces although tough, but after all, less people, plus Kirby can die, under the headless, gradually divided into several sections by two people, someone began to surrender.Yinshan, Wang Ting, five tribal alliance, from Kirby can leave three people is the third day in the evening, according to Kirby can leave before the plan, Wang Ting can play, if not play, also don't have to consume troops, after he defeated Temuzhen Jones, Wang Ting natural morale turbulence, then, is the best time to break the King Ting.Chen xing will gun a pendulum, a gun potential toward coss throat stab.男子草丛发现异物 捅破后被吓走|"Master, I'll leave first!" Sentence suddenly, upright when the eyes flashed an ambiguous look, hurriedly to lyu3 bu4 a fuels, with the guard left, on the cliff, only two people a hawk.

男子草丛发现异物 捅破后被吓走|"So what?" Lyu3 bu4 looked back at the cliff, has gradually gone away army, shook his head and said: "has been useless, no one will believe you, and, from the moment they walked out of the king's court, king's court, xianbei in the west, has been doomed to become history.""Master..." After all left, sentence suddenly want to speak, but was timuzhen wave interrupted, behind the two bodyguards made a look, two bodyguards, immediately came to the tent, to prevent eavesdropping."Poof ~"

Liang Xing this moment, head suddenly became very clear, looked at the front of the cheek is still a little childish, at the moment is ferocious some twist, suddenly gave birth to an unspeakable regret, if not at the beginning of the class, perhaps, the strong west cool army will not fall to this step today, at least... I still have a chance to live.D nodded, immediately looked at the mayi fire, gritted his teeth and said: "these thieves!""Reinforcements! How come reinforcements haven't come yet!" A few xiongnu head tie with the last of the troops held the camp, looking at more and more begging voltages gathered around here, sent out a voice of despair and despair.男子草丛发现异物 捅破后被吓走|




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