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小东西好紧水都流出来了|家居创意格子批发网Originally jia xu was able to win, but jia xu unconsciously led lu bu to set, and finally hit a draw."Matters of state are important, and so are family matters." Lv bu shook his head, seeing the sable cicada with lv zheng left, came to the hall, has been sent around the copy waiting for his review."If we can't take it back... "Hearing this, zhang lu could not help but smile bitterly. If the other side occupied yangping pass and could not take it back in a short time, guanzhong's army and horses would keep coming in from yangping pass, and hanzhong would be modified.

"Lord don't worry, but bravado!" Yang bo sneered at the other side, so far away, even if they take advantage of the wall, there is no way to shoot the arrow so far.Zhang lu vision to yan pu look, but see yan pu micro can't check of nod, the moment nod a way: "good, then according to two general!""Be." Xu shu nodded his head, and after thinking for a moment, he said, "kong mingqian is a studious man who is good at argument. He often compares himself with guan zhong and le yi. In the past, Mr. Sima once said that wolong is kong Ming's chicken. "小东西好紧水都流出来了|

小东西好紧水都流出来了|"This does not matter beforehand, knowable that river east emissary this to chang 'an, what on earth be?" Lyu3 bu4 shook his head, this matter oneself beyond one's reach, and can't measure factor too much, this woman ranjan other ability have no, but the ability that lie face not change color is to practice come out.Lu xun and gu shao no longer pay attention to the final winner of a game. No matter how wonderful the game is, it is only a game after all. Not everyone will turn into fans after watching a game."General, we have captured a large number of craftsmen in the cao camp and found this man. He looks like a high-ranking official of the cao army!" A school lieutenant led a group of people to come over, lu bu but clearly stipulated, if the battlefield met with craftsmen, not to kill, to capture as far as possible.

Wei yan looked at the sky and frowned at pang tong, saying, "shi yuan, are they really capable of sending troops? We don't have many arrows!""Monkey, what the President said is not without reason." Liu xie heart some depression, on the one hand, this is to seal the different surname wang rhythm, and on the other hand, he can see that cao cao this moment is really angry.Is not high morale as the rear archers escape began to collapse, the front of the soldiers were killed in conjunction with the changan the tacit understanding, the two military forces hit together less than a quarter of an hour to separate the outcome, there is no doubt that occupy a number of advantages in hanzhong city army lost very thoroughly, in the face of both equipment and combat effectiveness beyond their several grades of chang an army, when near to their cost, was startled to find, even if not the terrorist bolt, army, it is still a army, is by no means they can withstand the last get broken, then, is breaking away from their mess.小东西好紧水都流出来了|




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