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ed2k 杨棋涵|帮兴This is buried hidden trouble at the root of the giffin said liu bei, zhuge liang even more severe, he also can't control the heart, and this step, is to take the various ge is bright at a quick victory xiangyang, and after some plot is clean, now again want to fully integrated JingXiang family, than the various ge is bright, is expected to ten times more than difficult.The emperor? Maybe!!!!Appeared, but the idea was cao cao to disperse, and can't play, mighty governors of the union, if you count the deployed military forces in shu, nearly five hundred thousand troops, but eventually failed, but not myself down to his face slapped, and if left now, just waiting to lyu3 bu4 then swept across the world, then who else can block lyu3 bu4 footsteps?

Lyu3 bu4 some spirit smiled, nevertheless this also is gao shun's disposition, lyu3 bu4 also did not plan to twist forcibly, so very boring., high conveniently in the elite aside, the conference semifinals military forces alone, have enough to eat a pot of cao cao, to do now, is not offensive, but defense, through the defense, strengthening unceasingly, the tigers shut off from plugging in tiger firmly shut, if stubbornly according to cao cao's plan to play three days again, even if will now keep tiger fastened shut off the conference semifinals military forces killed, cao cao will face the soldiers seibel after recharging, kill guanzhong elite, at that time, just waiting to be swept."At the mercy of big brother." Guan yu kneels down again on the ground, sink sound way.ed2k 杨棋涵|"This is not difficult, just take enough food, wuxi pretty will agree." Ma liang nodded: "but our army and liu zhang originally as Allies, rushed to attack, in the righteousness of discord, do not know the strategist...... "

ed2k 杨棋涵|"Commander, it's ok, I'm not sleepy." Lv meng shook his head and said, "commander, is your plan too risky?"Chengdu has experienced a baptism, the noble family honest many, at least now these noble family is very clear, the city of the thirty thousand army, is liu zhang to pressure them, for a time, there is no power to contend with liu zhang, can only warn the children of the family, do not stir up trouble.The whole camp was filled with a deep sense of sadness. Cao cao, accompanied by gao LAN and xia houyuan, made his rounds of the camp. Everywhere, he could hear the soldiers' low cries and plaintive cries.

< / p > < p > cold hum a, liu zhang will still open the letter, while walking to see, the brow is gradually wrinkled up."In the words of gongda!" Cao cao sighed."Run? Zhuge liang was stunned and said, "zhou yu escaped from yi DE?"ed2k 杨棋涵|




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