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祸起萧墙不知戢维密魔法梳I wish it were a boy!'no! Tian feng frowned and said, "our army's arrangement of cao cao has been complete. Now we suddenly mobilize troops and horses, not to mention disrupting our army's deployment."You're a treacherous boy!" Aguli smell speech eyes a bright, looking at kun mu praise.

After all, learning must be taught, and lu bu could not kill all these people before their surplus value was exhausted, or before the students of chang 'an academy were finished."All right." Wanted to think, then nodded, and he wasn't the kind to hosts can also come and go freely, look for their own safety is very heavy, although not feel burning when people will really turned to yourself, but be careful no big mistake, now the situation is in the direction of Korea hence don't want to see, lyu3 bu4 regression, this time, burn when people how to think, Korea hence there is no bottom in my heart.After all, liu yan was able to stay in the middle of shu because of the support of the big family in the middle of shu. If legalism was carried out, the interests of the family would be harmed. Therefore, although fa yan had been in the middle of shu for ten years, he was always disheartened.祸起萧墙不知戢Li ru's evaluation of pang tong is that he has a high IQ and a low eq. If such a person's ability is developed, he will be very impressive. However, if his eq is too low, he will be easily isolated wherever he is.

祸起萧墙不知戢"By the way, take that pin with you, although it's not very brainy, but if you charge, you can use it in the future." "Lu lingqi ordered again.Originally the soldier that tussles together broke away from the battle quickly, less than half joss stick sweet time, already lined up end, neat platoon on the school ground, a pair of eyes toward stand on the stage of lv bu see come over.Liu yun lives in the palace old site, as early as half a year ago has been sent to cao cao, but because of diao cicada birth things, the birth of life was lv bu dragged half a year time, this marriage is really formed.

"Stop! Liao hua's eyes were cold and she stepped forward and shouted.Although early have estimate, but this winter, dead person still exceeded lv bu after all predict, whole yong cool land, in this winter freeze dead person, have fully 60 thousand many."General, this... "The deputy general came to zhang liao's side and forced his fear into his heart.祸起萧墙不知戢





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