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水电上市公司舒尼通"General, do you still play this song?" Xing Daorong looked at the reorganized troops, worried to look at guan yu.Ma Su smell speech, face can not help but some ugly, the original oneself from beginning to end, is singing a one-man show, in the eyes of others, the so-called secret is just like a naked girl, to see a clear, ridiculous oneself still hopping there, but in the eyes of others like a clown.Fortunately, At that time tardif also tried his best, The arrow wound is not deep, did not hurt bones and muscles, but also need to be injured for a few days, to work with people again, guan yu heard some depressed, but also helpless, now don't say there is an arrow wound, even if there is no arrow wound, his body under the force, in a short time, it is difficult to fight again, but qu acheng must be broken as soon as possible, can't give jiangdong to slow the opportunity.

As a result, early in the morning of the fourth day, Guan yu attack, the speed of the city, even guan yu himself some Meng, guarding city soldiers panic on the city, the result has not yet stood firm, the wall has been taken by guan yu, lu su just finished wearing, guan yu has broken the gates, into the city, and know the other side of the reason for so lax defense, guan yu also have a feeling of crying and laughing."Sometimes the outcome of a war is not on the battlefield." Lu Zheng swept Ma Su a glance, said secluded way: "Think about it, with the answer, can let a person to inform me, my father is very tolerant of talent, if you have to be loyal to my father.""Blow your own trumpet!" Guan yu eyes, li mang appeared, before just probing, this time two people are actually started a real confrontation.水电上市公司"What? Come on, gather the horses!" Xie Yun a surprised, hurriedly ordered people to assemble military forces, when the wall is narrow, how can five thousand troops suddenly gathered together, have not yet wait for military orders to convey, Wang Shuangyi surprised with five hundred soldiers on the wall.

水电上市公司"Guns and horses are very skillful, and martial arts are not under general yan yan." Shu will reply.Zhuge Jin shook her head, sighed, and smiled bitterly. "Master forgave me for my sins, but I was incompetent and failed to persuade Liu Bei to withdraw.""Cloud long soldiers sharp, but jiangdong talent can't be underestimated, now lu su contracted forces, I'm afraid it is to fight back." Cao Cao leaned back in his chair, squeezed his brows, and thought, "Order MAO Jie to attack Jianye. Liu Bei, don't lose!"

War is rhythm, once his rhythm is led by the other party, that is not far from the defeat, guan yu south conquest north war for so many years, theory of military strategy, also can be counted as the world's famous, or the top batch, he is going to take jiangdong, rather than a Yinling county seat.With a tremor of the tiger 's mouth, Zhang eight snake spear swung open by wei yan's broadsword, but his weapon was almost off hand rather than, in the heart secretly marveled at each other's strange force at the same time, wei yan's attack was not disrupted by each other, blade by the counter-shock force bounce off, a jade belt around the waist, knife rod around the waist, followed by a knife from the other side obliquely swept upward to zhang fei's throat."But we have no choice." Zhuge Liang sighed, "He can spend time with us, but we can't afford it. I was going to use the advantage of the city to attract the Scholar Yuan to attack. First, I could consume the local troops, and second, I could wear down the enemy's spirit. After the enemy has been unable to overcome it for a long time, I will retaliate again. However, the Scholar Yuan has clearly seen through our weakness."水电上市公司




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