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48岁高胜美现身|蒙古黑药丹神抗骨丸"The rainy season has come." Jia xu looked up, looked at the sky, long road.Unfortunately, at present and the state is decided at the beginning, still have river to turn over there, the pyramid strategy of lv bu just becomes violent, although that one riot that happens in zhang ye last winter is pressed down really in time, but the symptom of riot still happened.

"Congratulations to the host, through its own unremitting efforts, your archery and riding, break through the shackles of success reach ten steps successfully, because you meet at the same time two great spirit level talent (ji god, arrows), three personal skills and achieve perfect state, automatic trigger special advanced talent, you ji, arrow god talent will be cancelled, for the only special gift - the ares (the talent every era has uniqueness), stimulate the special skills - god of war, ares, mental properties, agility, strength, attribute, a week physical properties automatically reduce the second star, around the enemy will be affected by the ares of wei, morale drop, Meanwhile, morale of our soldiers is automatically raised to the highest!"Harmony cool gradually settled down, grassland has no threat, and the western regions have cioffi guarding, harmony is cool place also became a stable home, lyu3 bu4 gradually shift focus began to bing, hilo-systems area, has large parts of border, but still hedong cross between luoyang and bing, lyu3 bu4 life pound station troops HuGuan, guard against lombardi, d were tuning up the party, prepared in the coming year will hedong income., so to speak, on the trend of heaven and earth, lyu3 bu4 completely inverse squares of heaven, should be punished by heaven, but lu bu body according to the fate of the people of heaven, again also could not control the heart, but if lyu3 bu4 at this time did not have the national insulation, like the left Keats says, will be heaven, finally, I'm afraid to die well.48岁高胜美现身|"Ahem, these are minor problems compared to what the letter said." Guo jia felt chest a burst of gas, as if even breathing is difficult to get up, hurriedly shaking hands from the arms wipe away a jade bottle, from which to pour out some powder swallowed, the original pale face spread a strange flush, the spirit is also instantaneous corus many.

48岁高胜美现身|CAI MAO's soldiers and horses in the snow snow quickly to mengjin direction close, the rear has been constantly fighting sound came, ma chao cavalry as expected, but at the moment has not been able to care so much."Hum!" Zhang fei, a snake spear, forced the broad sea to retreat, turned his horse's head and slowly returned to the front, pointing to the broad sea road from a distance: "erleng son, you have often done me harm. Today's account should be written down first. I will see you next time."The little one is strong." Lv bu touched his son's head, after all, more than a year had not seen, think about the time passed quite fast.

"An army of five hundred?" Lu xun was stunned.Far away, xiahou dun, xu huang is flying horses to come, usually lv bu has enough terror, at the moment of lv bu than before terror ten times.Zhang he's heart a cold, yuan shao in this sentence, is even included in the yuan tan, as the eldest son, yuan tan is known as the battle, in the army also quite prestige, according to the rules, if not for this will, yuan tan is the next Lord, but now given to yuan shang, how can he be convinced?48岁高胜美现身|




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