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农村乱睡|加拿大联邦多能多"Slurp ~" cold ji feng easily cut zaoyang slimming slimming rod, the next moment, cold ji feng has been shelved in the north palace from the neck.RiLe sink a track: "Do you know that the han Chinese master will be who?"Nearly 3,000 Han troops formed a conical array with Lu Bu as the apex behind Lu Bu, A pair of hot eyes tightly staring at lyu3 bu4 hands raised the party day painting ji, the army, has been following lyu3 bu4 victory after victory, successfully honed out a kind of my invincible spirit, compared to the past, has already changed, become a real elite division.

Xiongnu rear emptiness, if lyu3 bu4 strategy is smooth, the huns even if not extinguished, will also be greatly wounded, plus lyu3 bu4 help, moon people back on their feet, not all is a dream.Lyu3 bu4 waved and laughed, "Our army today, all thanks to your strength, seibel!"农村乱睡|Call kitchen spring saw array of cavalry across the distance, deep cold eyes, flashed a touch of cold kill, although I don't know why these should be against the north handsome army why will appear here, but since met, can't let them go!

农村乱睡|Confused, Korea hence had to give up the idea, let people recruit to burn when the old king, to discuss how to fight the next battle."What?" Lyu3 bu4 face a change, The first reaction is Chen Gong rebellion, why not will changan's few remaining troops to this side, but a careful thought is unlikely, don't talk about what loyalty and disloyalty, thousands of miles into the war all followed, see to win, have their own inheritance, Chen Gong no reason to betray themselves, frown at Addis way: "What happened?""Impudent!" The sable cicada smell speech, can't help but look annoyed to Hua Tuo, the ancients pay attention to, body hair skin, by the parents, destroyed the unfilial, Hua Tuo move, to big, is to lyu3 bu4 in the unfilial place.

"The West Cool Zhang embroidery here, who dares to fight with me!" Is a violent drink, is a piece of embroidery and rate from the other side of the army to kill.Chapter 29 hidden worry"Master." Zhong Fang stepped forward and bowed down.农村乱睡|




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