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临时性夫妻|汝阳杜康酒价格"Attack!" Wipe the blood that oozes on a cheek, lv meng's vision instant becomes sen cold rise, no more useless talk, Chen arrived already told lv meng his choice with his action, since seek death, there help you!pangAlthough pang tong's personality was a little perverted and his interpersonal relationship was in a mess, he was very recognized by zhuge liang for his ability. More importantly, pang tong was better at military strategy than himself."Maybe people don't know, liu DHS general little profit, if in the guanzhong family, even with liu DHS general housework, but do a lot of money, a year can earn, as long as I have the guanzhong banner issued by the government, the silk road, is the most wicked thief to also want to stay at a respectful distance from sb, profits can at least double, and there is no need to secretly Pang tong smiled and quantified the profits.

"You...... "He stared at fa zheng and looked at meng da. It was these two men who betrayed liu zhang and led to the surrender of 100,000 shu troops from langzhong. All the time, liu felt that he was right and wrong"More than a month, less than half a month, I have news." Pang tong seriously looked at wei yan and said, "langzhong daying has our detailed works and will send news to us regularly."Poof ~" the cold sword sharp pull, cut throat, the body with splashes of blood slowly fell, bluestone ground was soon stained red with a piece of blood.临时性夫妻|Luoyang for the kanto seigneur, obviously not a reasonable place, even if now lyu3 bu4 immediately sealed, cao cao, liu bei or jiangdong sun quan, can only look on, just a coalition to now basically has become a joke, to jingzhou and jiangdong, the relationship between current league again obviously possibility is not high, even if liu bei and sun quan willing, jiangdong soldiers, I'm afraid now more willing to avenge tried to zhou yu.

临时性夫妻|However, cao cao is not xiang yu, lyu3 bu4 nor that year is the fall of qin, the intrepid battle effectiveness of group in guanzhong plain, far beyond the liu bei, and after a steady stream of conference semifinals was sent with them desperately, let liu bei some tired, the heart has got the announcement, especially zhuge liang in the letter has not been too good, illustrates the JingXiang situation should also prepare troops and zhuge liang shu, in order to prevent jiangdong enter, need to liu bei sat back to jingzhou."Horse ready, I want to go back to langzhong immediately!" A surly smile waved his hand to the steward, not himself"Unfortunately, zhang ren refused to surrender. Otherwise, he would have achieved twice the result with half the effort." Secretariat office in chengdu, pang called people negotiate protection, wei yan's some sighs, he worked with zhang as before in Jia sprouting, who fight are not under the wei especially depends on the terrain in the shu, can even be an edge on wei, wei is quite a headache, were it not for pang tong, France is maneuver, this time against the LangZhong camp people, even if chengdu messed up, as long as zhang ren in LangZhong, wei has the possibility to break LangZhong within short time.

"Presumptuous! Liu zhang finally can not bear the chest of anger, rise up, halberd refers to meng da way.Led by yan yan, the eight thousand troops stormed out of the city and collided with wei yan about twenty miles away from the dunjiang river at noon."Tell the battalions not to resist. They'll be all right." Meng da indifferent way.临时性夫妻|




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