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贰仟万某记录查询|玉米面条加工机械"Oh, only hate my son at that time the heart is soft, at that time failed to remove the root of the thief and so on rogue officials, but today's disaster!" Chen GUI waits for gao shun and smiles.In the distance, xia houyuan with the army slowly stopped in three miles away, frowning at the circle shaped barracks.With the childe liu qi with dayin and huang zhong to liu bei, this is undoubtedly a god-given opportunity for liu bei to take over jingzhou.

"Why is the general coming back now?" The gate of the garrison to see the other side's flag and armor, slightly relieved, waved, motioned to the soldiers open the gate.From the map view, among lyu3 bu4, jiangdong and liu bei, cao cao, is indeed one of the most easy to deal with, but Cao Caozhi although is not big, but the population is most governors, even lyu3 bu4 rest after a few years, to accept a large number of refugees entry, but the ratio of cao cao, in the population are many, is one of the biggest obstacles of lyu3 bu4 south central China, if can with sun quan, cao cao to cracking, for lyu3 bu4, attractive indeed."Jingle ~" in a sound of crack, Yang bo both hands tiger mouth crack, long gun off hand but not, face big and terrible, want to adjust the horse to flee for life when, wei yan has caught up, laugh, as carrying chicken general Yang bo picked up, in a group of close guard frightened eyes, directly with Yang bo return to this array.贰仟万某记录查询|

贰仟万某记录查询|In the tragic cry, hanzhong officers out of the city in the face of the qiang soldiers want to return to the city, but will soon be annihilated, the rear guard the gate of the soldiers want to close the gate, wei yan has killed to the horse and horse, in the hand of the broadsword left split right cut, then the gate of the soldiers will be scattered.Zhao yun wen yan one zheng, immediately reaction come over, this is ma chao to him demonstration, immediately smile slightly, to the knight way: "trouble inform meng qi, then say our army already successfully say surrender at ban general, all get 8000 strong men!""General! Old hu monk some anger, look at lu bu way: "since the general advocate hundred schools of thought contend, my buddhist is not included in this?"

"If this battle is won, will our army move south and annex the central plains?" Lv bu looks to jia xu, cao liu alliance, basically already was the board on the clinch a deal, no matter cao cao or liu bei, after be informed lv bu occupies hanzhong, be afraid to be unable to continue to calm of play house in the home, this battle lv bu has confidence to fight win, but after fight win how should?Is as the general Yang ang, Yang bo at the moment facing this horse, complexion is also very ugly."Yes, but it's a secret matter, and no one can tell." Chen qun smiled and waved.贰仟万某记录查询|




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