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鞭姐照片古玩鉴定大全"Ha ha, thanks to your claim to be a famous general in Shu, the so-called famous general in Shu is no more than a brave bandit." Zhang fei see zhang ren refused to engage, not sneer at a way.Li yan shook his head, some heavy in the heart, for the past six days, pound did not send troops, is not to think of a way to deal with the trenches? Just want to break the head, li yan also can't think of each other at a time exactly what to do?"Retreat to that Yin mausoleum first!" Guan yu sighed, qua defeat, some of the defeat makes him difficult to accept, back port Xing Daorong after all not water war, is done in accordance with the general defensive city war, was zhou tai easily ripped open from the water to rushed into the city, otherwise, tracing the cause even if the military forces more than twice, don't want to take qua from his hand.

A knife cut Xie Yun, Wang Shuang twisted his head, looked around a face of shu army, harsh voice drink a way."Your Majesty!" Sighed, Cao Cao looked at Liu Xie disappointed, Shaking his head, he said, "The king's seal is your majesty's, no matter what the original intention is, but it is no doubt from your majesty's hands, into luoyang for the king, now lyu3 bu4 repel governors, in luoyang, naturally also in line with your majesty's original promise, at this time if you send troops, not only unknown, and your majesty's face, the credibility of the han will vanish, hope your majesty think twice!"Guan Yu's face was calm and he didn't say a word until he returned to his camp, where he almost fell to the ground. Xing Daorong said this and hurriedly stepped forward to help him. "General," he said, "but he's not feeling well."鞭姐照片"It will depend on his skill." Zhang Fei glanced at each other's army, urged his horses, black cone trotted to the front of the two armies, zhang fei zhang eight snake spear a finger, hong track: "which is zhang ren, quickly come out, and I war three hundred rounds."

鞭姐照片Thirty thousand troops, finally follow guan yu escaped from the city is less than five hundred, qu'a city, tracing the cause quickly commanded the soldiers blockade the gate, trapped guan yu's military forces in the city, many jingzhou defenders saw guan yu escape, morale immediately fell, many people began to kneel down, please drop.At the beginning of liu bei will Wang Yin out, have not broken luoyang, their king's idea, unfortunately, contrary to their wishes, the guanzhong army battle power, until the first world war, he just had a real experience, finally the alliance died, zhou yu break an agreement against huyang, cao cao also unable to continue to compete with lyu3 bu4, back to xuchang."Is general guan, general guan didn't abandon us, men, kill out, meet with general guan!" Originally already demoralized jingzhou army saw guan yu flag back, not by the spirit of a vibration, already about to collapse of the morale miraculously rose, again alive to kill jiangdong soldiers.

"Bao ~ Jingzhou victory!" At this time, camp suddenly sounded a long long cry, a dusty jingzhou soldiers rushed into the camp a face of excitement, was stopped, mouth is still excited tunnel.Wu guan, general mansion.But want to play out, such a terrain also limits the strength advantage of zhuge liang side, even if wei only that point, also enough to zhuge liang westward road to block.鞭姐照片





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