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李小双老婆|紧倍美"The emperor's uncle?" CAI MAO wrinkled frown, now the world chaos, han dynasty decay, the imperial uncle not much, jingzhou seems to have only liu biao a royal recognition of the imperial uncle, this suddenly to the imperial uncle is from what place jumped out?"Son of a bitch, how dare you rebel!" The leader of a Montenegro thief with his own troops to protect the zu a line of people, snapped.Calculate rise, wang wei is liu biao's hensure, go out with the army this time, all the time rules and regulations, but in the bottom of one's heart, be afraid more close to liu bei a few?

"Minister or hope that the Lord can consider clearly, this war, do not have to be close to the Lord." Jia xu shook his head."Mr. Yuan tu came at the right time. What's the crime?" Yuan shang quickly stepped forward and helped feng ji up. Shaking his head and laughing, he said, "it is still a great honor that you are willing to come.李小双老婆|< / p > < p > you state, jixian, the arrival of han rong, let successive months by zhang liao beat the retreat of the yuan xi finally relieved, although the death of his father let yuan xi some sad, but the day also had to be not?

李小双老婆|"No wonder so arrogant, hey, be lv bu when such age, also this standard?" Zhang fei this moment is to kill meaning big rise however, this woman, stay not to be able to!Said finally, liu pan frowns: "so, that jiang xia still belongs to liu bei?""Snow?"

"So what?" CAI MAO was then sneered, "just contain, and did not let them attack the city, three thousand troops, enough, if even this thing is not done well, I just for this reason, removed his military post.Well, that doesn't sound like a bad thing.But in return, it is the people!李小双老婆|





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