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虹猫蓝兔七侠传大结局|绿瘦一个疗程多少钱"I'll find out when I ask." Zhong yao toward the account outside lang track: "bring wei yan messenger in.""Quick, get a doctor, and get another bucket!" Looking at lyu3 bu4, the sable cicada a surprised, hurriedly commanded two Joe.Just then, a small school newspaper rushed in with the number.

Chapter 56 fool"To be honest?" Lyu3 bu4 will look at giffin, his heart has a plan to settle the qiang people, lyu3 bu4 also believe that if the plan is implemented in place, will speed up the qiang people into the han people, 100 years later, the guanzhong land without qiang han, just giffin said honesty, obviously not this....虹猫蓝兔七侠传大结局|"Somehow, I always feel, this war lyu3 bu4 will win." Country tight on the fox fur, it is summer, but he will always have a strange chill.

虹猫蓝兔七侠传大结局|Wei yan a face of black line.Yang Wang looked at the crowd, sink a track: "I have promised to recruit general west, fully assist him, but if the soldiers in the family to go to war, the internal will be empty, this person is not willing to share the road with us, will certainly harbor evil intentions, if we take advantage of the emptiness of the family, he took the opportunity to attack, what should be good?" So we must do it first, and his people will be divided among them. ""Master?" Marotta called softly, worried: "But emergency military intelligence?"

"Kill!""Zheng west general with sincerity, and should be a document, official seal has been brought, qiang people, qiang people, and as long as we promise to constrain the department according to their law, can enjoy the same treatment under the general mansion of the west of the han people." Yang Wang looked at the Haoshuai one eye, without much trouble, but will look at the other ten Haoshuai: "I have promised to recruit general west, just don't know how the adventure ministries think?""Master, I didn't expect lyu3 bu4 will react so quickly, so, want to gather d, and much more difficult." Hanyang, ji county, into GongYing liang xing sent intelligence to Korea hence way.虹猫蓝兔七侠传大结局|




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