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望京一霸金箍棒|海纳八宝植物润黑露Beigong from looking at lyu3 bu4, sink a track: "you are very strong, according to our qiang people's rules, since lost, should submit to you, but I want revenge, white water qiang I must."The river is full of troubles, only for profit, the land of Hetao is irrigated by river water for a long time, The soil is fertile, suitable for cultivation, It is called the south of the Yangtze River, if it is used for development, For ten years, Enough to create a rich county, Sadly, the huns don't matter production, only know plunder, the fertile land will be abandoned, with the decline of the han dynasty, the central plains heroes, huan here the huns become more rampant, south plunder is also more frequent, make the west cool, bing area people's livelihood wither, just so far, so large-scale invasion, is the first time."Oh ~" Lyu3 bu4 smiled, laughing very cold.

In order to occupy Fuping, Niyang and other important places first, Liang Xing sent two teams of thousands of people to, respectively, the first step to occupy the two counties, to prepare for the army stationed in the city, didn't expect the army has just entered the city, haven't had time to consolidate the city, was then rushed to seibel directly into the city, caught off guard by seibel kill defeat, many people directly to defect, only a few people escaped from the city.Time waits for no man!"Follow that command of the general!" Chen Xing and others hurriedly hand replied.望京一霸金箍棒|"Here!" Ma Tie bowed down to take life, with more than two hundred ride outside the city, marten and ma Tie with several QinWei toward the empty gate.

望京一霸金箍棒|Wei yan put out his tongue, licked some dry lips, the two armies do not cut to make, now, the other party in a weak situation unexpectedly did not leave any room for this kind of thing, why?"There is still a long way to go. At first, our method of selecting people from among the people to manage them by themselves will enable the people to attach themselves to a certain extent, but it will also be easy to nourish some unruly people." Think of today's green skin, if not the people correct, today's situation is a little embarrassed, liao hua good say, but if the problem to zhang liao, seibel these people in the future, it is hard not to really kill them.The vast grassland, I do not know when, has put out a frame according to the stump, can see the moon lake people nervous hiding behind according to the stump, looking at the situation here.

"Arrows!"There's a sea of fire ahead, Even if you rush in, Nor could they take Chengtou, but also in the face of a wave of slaughter on the wall, Yes, is slaughtered, in the loss of shield protection, archers line of sight is blocked by fire, luckily not into the sea of fire west cool soldiers, did not escape the tragic fate, seibel is almost a combination of attacks, not only let the west cool army surprise attack advantage vanished, let the whole west cool army covered with a layer of shadow.Giffin wry smile way: "Korea hence potential big, under elite enough to have eighty thousand people, calculate the city garrison, burn when qiang, afraid of the first world war, but this time Korea hence please burn when the war, occupied most of the west cool, but according to Xu know, burn when it is not profitable, over time both sides will have dirty, master can put some effort in this regard, or can try."望京一霸金箍棒|




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